Anna Dymarchuk

Anna Dymarchuk.

Anna was born on 24 of June 1991.

Her dance career started with ball-room dancing in the childhood in her native Tver city. Since 11 years old she’s been a member of folk classical and pop dancing group. Since 2007 she’s started to learn the basics of hip-hop in one of the most popular team in Russia “CREWиZ”. She had moved to Moscow and then in 2008 hard and sweaty peace of work on herself started: jazz, contemporary, physical exercises, stage movement. At that moment work and performances in hip-hop were carrying on.

Winner and prizewinner of numerous competitions championships and festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Vladimir and others:

  • “Step up” 13 and 16 (Moscow)
  • “Dance Wave” 2012, 2013 (Moscow, Ryazan’)
  • “Blistatel’ny Peterburg” 2013 (St. Petersburg)
  • “Battlezone Insane 2013” (Moscow)
  •  “Hip-hop On The Stage” 2013 (Moscow)
  • “Red Bull Beat Battle” 2014 (Moscow)
  • “UDC Open Cup” 2014 (Moscow)
  • "4 elements" 2014 (Moscow)

Anna has been teaching since 2010.

She’s taken classes in Broadway Dance Center (New York).

Currently she studies at Moscow University of Culture and Art to be a ballet-master. She’s young and talented choreographer. She does choreography for children in “Class-Centre” Dance Company. As a children’s choreographer she has already worked in project “Summer Talent Show 2014” (Spain, Platya d’Aro).

Anna works in absolutely different dance styles – starting with contemporary dance and jazz-dance, finishing with house.

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